multipod studio challenges passive construction with pop up house
all images courtesy of multipod studio


Desenho primoroso, técnica sustentável. Já  viu uma casa sendo construída em menos de 3 minutos? Assista ao vídeo, incrível!

the ‘pop-up house’ by french design and architecture firm multipod studio challenges current passive construction techniques. wanting to develop a structure that offered an alternative to traditional building solutions, the project also sought to reduce the need for heating, which is a major factor in global energy consumption and one of the main household costs today. the environmentally friendly dwelling can be assembled using lightweight and recyclable materials and rapidly installed without any special tools. the first prototype has been built in the pine valleys of the south of france, displaying the inexpensive and highly insulated ‘pop-up house’.


the house is rapid to installation, low cost, recyclable and passive


exterior view showing material finishes with rain screen and wood siding


the volume can be adapted to suit different styles of architecture


the central living room is furnished with with custom-made furniture


insulation blocks are separated by wooden boards


the construction required just a simple electric screwdriver


detail view of the low cost and recyclable materials


the structure can be assembled with long wooden screws


conventional building solutions can be applied to the interior finishes


floor plan


front elevation